For the film, what matters primarily is that the actor represents himself to the public before the camera, rather than representing someone else.


The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction


Ce qui importe pour le film, c’est bien moins que l’interprète présente au public un autre personnage que lui-même ; c’est plutôt qu’il se présente lui-même à l’appareil.


L’Œuvre d’art à l’époque de sa reproductibilité technique


Anaïs de Contades Wearing Her Painted Canvas During London Fashion Week


Contemporary artist Anaïs de Contades interviewed on French & Italian TV wearing her painted canvas – Following the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week. A performance artwork by Anaïs de Contades for the private opening at Frieze New York. For her performances, artist Anaïs de Contades wears her painted canvases to illustrate her revolutionary vision that “art is the new ‘mode ((( de vie )))’”. Her performance works play with the codes of clothing with which we cover our bodies. It reconsiders clothing as protection from the elements, as a shield protecting our modesty, our internal psychosexual conflicts and as a display of social status. By wearing only her canvas, the artist puts herself at risk. This exposure perfectly represents both her fragility and force. The act projects the level of audacity required for a woman to take her place in the world today.

A poetry video by Anaïs de Contades

Contemporary poet, artist, model, muse

A fresh approach to contemporary poetry

Filmed at Jardin des Plantes in Paris

Music: Stella by Elysian Bailey

THE HYPERREALITY SHOW starring Anaïs de Contades (formerly known as Anaïs de Lÿs)

Anaïs de Lÿs (de Contades) has created a capsule collection of artisanal, handmade, screen printed silk scarves based on the symbols that she uses in her paintings. Even though they use similar motifs as her artwork, each one is individual and unique as her works on paper, silk or canvas. So they are unlike any other scarves on the market today. Described as “the art world muse and the darling to the global art world elite, Anaïs’ work features in numerous renowned international collections, among others, Beth Rudin DeWoody. The scarves are made with organic silk or silk-cashmere of exceptional quality. They are produced ecologically using ethically sourced materials and processes. Each one is signed like an artwork and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The initial collection is limited to 70 “art scarves” worldwide, so the prices are likely to increase due to demand and rarity. The artist often uses materials from fashion and couture such as silk to create her artworks. Anaïs always wanted to wear her paintings on silk and so did her collectors such as Beth Rudin DeWoody. Two well-known Parisian luxury brands found her contemporary paintings on silk to be extraordinary and asked her to collaborate with her to create scarves. However, she chose to do it her way.

In this poetry video Anaïs de Contades covers herself with her painted canvas that she wore for Frieze NY during her performance artwork