"The new Rebellion is Romantic!"
Anaïs de Contades

The #RomanticRebellion promotes emotionality, spirituality and creativity as a way to challenge the nihilistic tendencies of our time which are often reinforced by the obsession with popularity, the promotion of reality TV “stars”, pornography, and a general superficiality. It is about the search for profound beauty, and human connection. Today we are in an “hyperconnected” world, but at the same time we are less and less connected on a human level...


 "art is the new 'mode (((de vie)))'"


In reference to her performances art in which she wears her painted canvases, Anaïs de Contades creates works of "contemporary art that you can’t  wear"(C).

The artist loves to detour and play with the codes of “vestimentation” and couture. For her supports she uses materials of couture such as silk, threads and dress forms as well as clothing such as shirts, skirts, kimonos and even panties…


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