Performance art work at Centre Pompidou for Paris Fashion Week

Meta mode)rn muse
Individually à la mode…

A performance art work by Anaïs de Contades
for Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with visual artist Lans King 

Anaïs de Contades is a visual artist, contemporary poet and muse.  She creates drawings, paintings, installations, videos and performances. Her work explores a wide array of universal topics, such as the meaning of beauty and the power of eroticism and romanticism. She is a leader of the New Synthesis movement often fusing ambivalent elements such as humour and tragedy, joy and pain, construction and destruction, fragility and strength, simplicity and complexity, figuration and abstraction, the material and the spiritual.

For her performances, the artist wears her painted canvases to illustrate her revolutionary vision that “art is the new ‘mode ((( de vie )))’”. This work detours and plays with the codes of clothing with which we cover our bodies. The history of dressing follows the evolution of civilisation: first as a protection from the elements, then as a shield for our pyschosexual complexes. Later with fashion, it became a superficial representation of who we are in terms of our socio-economic status. In order to further evolve, Anaïs de Contades seeks to go beyond materiality through the spirituality of art.

In reference to her performance art in which she wears her painted canvases, Anaïs de Contades Paris, her atelier de creation has also introduced her works of "contemporary art that can be worn" (TM).