"art is the new 'mode (((de vie)))'" 

For her performances, the artist wears her painted canvases to illustrate her revolutionary vision that “art is the new ‘mode ((( de vie )))’”. This work detours and plays with the codes of clothing with which we cover our bodies. The history of dressing follows the evolution of civilisation: first as a protection from the elements, then as a shield for our pyschosexual complexes. Later with fashion, it became an external representation of who we are in terms of our socio-economic status. In order to further evolve, Anaïs de Contades seeks to go beyond materiality through the spirituality of art.

"Contemporary art that you can't wear" 

Following her performance art works in which she wears her painted canvases, Anaïs de Contades creates works of "contemporary art that you can’t wear"(C).


Deconstructing clothing and reconstructing them as Assemblages

The artist loves to detour and play with the codes of “vestimentation” and couture. For her supports she uses materials of couture such as silk, threads and dress forms as well as articles of clothing such as skirts, jackets, shirts, socks or underpants…


“Asymmetrical Wo(man… so Off-White; they are blue” - Materials: Article of clothing by @off____white c/o @virgilabloh, clothing labels, cotton thread.


She decomposes and transforms these articles of clothing to create assemblages. Shoes and bags are restructured to become works of sculpture. She often uses iconic items from well known brands such as Stella McCartney, Off-White, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Lacoste, American Apparel... 


Currently untitled - Materials: Vintage skirt in raw silk by Pierre Cardin, silk thread, pins.


“The Very Definition oF(art ” - Materials: Zadig & Voltaire - Art definition t-shirt, thigh high socks, cotton thread, wire hanger, wood wardrobe.


“Calbut Klein - Bleu Monochrome” - Materials: Calvin Klein 100% White Cotton boxer briefs, International Klein Blue pigment (sourced from Adam Montparnasse, creator of Klein Blue). 


“Bambi Thursday at Château La(coste”  - Materials: Pleated Lacoste tennis skirt, Stella McCartney Panties of the Week, wool thread, safety pins. 


purerotic un)(dressed Photography

"Purerotic: un)(dressed" by Anaïs de Contades --- "Unbutton your brain as much as your zipper..." - The Surrealists