Anaïs de Contades launches contemporary art that you can wear...The "haute couture" scarf

Anaïs de Contades is creating contemporary art that you can wear. In addition to painting on paper or canvas, she paints on silk. These paintings are made with inks and silk which are specifically adapted for scarves, so these unique works of art are prepared to be worn. 

These silks of exceptional quality are sourced from the reputed Soieries de Lyon in France. They are the "haute couture" of scarves.

The collectors and "amoureux" of these exquisite pieces may choose to wear or framed them for display and decoration. Each scarf includes a certificate of authenticity as with all of her works of art.

The first collection will be available as of the beginning of August with a major launch planned for September. They will be sold on this site and in selected concept stores.