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anaïs de contades
atelier de création

The "maison d'art" Anaïs de Contades Paris is the "atelier de création" established by the artist. Anaïs creates drawings, paintings, installations, videos and performances.

In reference to her performance art in which she wears her painted canvases, Anaïs de Contades creates works of "contemporary art that you can't wear" (C).

"My life is my art and art is my life."

How do we create real connections between humans and with nature in a world damaged by nihilism, superficiality, over consummation, conformity, instant gratification, pornography and isolation due to the misuse of new technology?

Anaïs de Contades' work proposes alternatives to current tendances by her search for profound beauty, spirituality, sincerity, eroticism and romanticism. She speaks of different aspects of her life and of life in general. 

Her oeuvre represents the experiences of her unconventional life, past and present, her suffering and her victories, her life “between street and chateau”. She lays herself bare in her work revealing both her interior and her exterior. She speaks of her traumas, her torments, and her difficulty with living in today’s self-destructive world often void of sense and cruelly lacking profound beauty. A major part of her work explores the beauty of eroticism as an opposition to pornography which has become banalised, democratised and ubiquitous. Furthermore, her work promotes the profundity of real human connection by fusing eroticism and spirituality. This search for authentic beauty led her to create the #RomanticRebellion. 

Since the age of 14, she has written poems in a very contemporary, deconstructed style. They reflect her life, real and surreal; transformed into her drawings, paintings, installations and videos. She has brought other dimensions to The New Synthesis school of thought- often fusing ambivalent elements such as humour and tragedy, joy and pain, construction and destruction, fragility and strength, simplicity and complexity, figuration and abstraction… 

These oppositions can be seen in her current series where red, her signature colour is the central element in all it’s contradictory representations. She employs “the red string”, a symbol that one finds in the spiritual practices of a number of cultures. In her work, it’s a painted line, a drip or a sewn thread which represents the connection between humans, nature and the universe as a whole.

Anaïs de Contades is in the line of artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin in the personal and autobiographical themes of their work as well as in their artistic approach. Her surrealistic eroticism shows the influence of her spiritual fathers Serge Gainsbourg and Paul Eluard.

Her works have been acquired by some of the most important international collectors such as Beth Rudin DeWoody in NY, The Oppenheim Family in London and Dassault of Artcurial in Paris...

Anaïs is and will be one of the most important artists of her generation. She represents a new counter culture, yet her rebellion is a creative destruction in response to the current “pop culture”.

Anaïs is an artist and a muse...

The young art prodigy Anaïs de Contades already has a lot of life experience on which she draws to bring depth to her work. Born in Paris into an aristocratic French family, she is an atypical rebel who also maintains the sophistication of her millieu. She fought for her independence at the age of 14 and immediately began working on her poetry and artwork. As well as being an artist, Anaïs is also a muse for other artists and photographers.


Anaïs & FleurSucette

The FleurSucette is a symbol which fuses the elements of Anaïs' history and personality. She is passionate about Serge Gainsbourg and loves his song Annie Aime Les Sucettes. Inspired by her way of being and her personality, her accomplice, the artist Lans King gave her the nickname FleurSucette which in French combines the fleur de lys {lily flower} and the sucette {lollipop}. 

Anaïs took this as symbol for her persona. More than a logo, it is a signature for her work which combines her heritage and her contemporary outlook. The fleur de lys element is derived from her family crest dating back to the 17th century. This indicates that her noble ancestors served the kings of France at the highest levels. The sucette represents her child-like "magic" and her rebellious nature within the millieu from which she came.

Beyond the symbol, FleurSucette represents a counter cultural movement. It's a rebellion against the superficial aspects of "pop culture". A FleurSucette is a girl or woman who shares Anaïs' philosophy and her search for true beauty. Instead of trying to be who everyone wants her to be, she's a free-spirited, contemporary romantic.